Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Ari! (aka Flop Mop/Air Bear/Slim)

Yesterday was Ari's 24th birthday and I mainly wanted to post these pictures just to embarrass her but also to tell her how much Mo and I love her and think she is a great wife and Momma! Hope you had a great day! Presents, Pedicures and PF Changs is a pretty good combo!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Same delicious cake year after year...angel food with fresh berries and cream!


Becca said...

Happy Birthday Ari! We love you too!


Okay so Jason how cute is it that you even know how do blog. Poor Jenner trys hard. I love the pics! Hope ya had a good bday Ari!!!
love ya

Jc and Alissa said...

Happy birthday Ari! Hope you had a wonderful day!

alli and cam said...

Hey Ari it's so good to see you! You are such a cutie! I have often wonderd how you have been and what you have been up to in life and now I can see that you have a good looking fam!You are such an awesome girl and I loved hanging out with you in high school!So i just had to say hey!love,Alli