Sunday, November 2, 2008


I know that I am not the best blogger (this topic seems to be included in each one of my posts), but I have just decided that at the end of the day blogging is one of the last things I want to do. Per the request of some family and friends that live far away, I will do my best to give a monthly update of the bigger things that happened. Here goes for October, and hopefully I will keep my word and update the end of November - but don't expect anything before then :)

I know this was actually the end of September, but I had to include Women's Conference - IT WAS SO AMAZING THIS YEAR! We got tickets and went up to the conference center. Our husband's were great sports to watch all the littles so that we could go have a fun girls night!

THRILLER - Every year my family goes to the Thriller, put on by the Odyssey Dance Company. This year was the first year that they performed in Provo at the Covey Center for the Arts - usually we go up to Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake. it was funny this year because the fire alarm was set off by one of the dance props that smoked too much and so we had to evacuate the entire building and wait for the Provo City Fire Marshall to come and check things out. FUNNY, but we still had a great time.

Peter (Jason's little brother), went into the MTC this month. He was called to serve in the Philippines Bacolod Mission. We have already received a few letters and he sounds like he is doing really well. He will be in the MTC until December 23, and then he will head to the Philippines.

GO COUGARS! Our good friends Tawny and Andrew were nice enough to get us tickets to a BYU game this season. Andrew is on the team - #88, he plays tight end. He is a fabulous player and we enjoy watching him at the games or on TV. He even scored the first Touchdown of the game! It was so much fun to go - THANKS GUYS :)

Tucker (JC and Beth's little man) turned ONE! He is the oldest of the little threesome (Mo, Loren, and Tucker) and it is crazy to think that it has been a whole year since we were all pregnant together. Lolo and Mo will have their first b-day before we know it! We are so happy that T-Man is here and that he and Mo are good little friends already. We love you Tucker!

Family Pictures. We took these at my parents house the other Sunday. I thought that I would post a few.

Halloween! Mo went as an old school golfer. His daddy even made him him his own little set of wooden golf clubs. He looked so cute. Jason went as a cowboy. At the bank their theme was cowboys and indians - I think he went a little overboard, especially with the mustache (at least he returned the Wranglers, no lie - he actually bought some).