Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Livi's Story

For the full scoop on the past week check this out.

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is certainly not the June post we expected to put up, but we are thrilled to introduce you to the newest addition in the LeChem family-Olivia Jane LeCheminant. We decided that for now we want to keep all the details and pictures and stuff a bit under wraps-you can never be too careful these days. So if you want the full scoop on how it all went down send us your email address and we will hook you up with all the details. Or we have a ton of pictures on Facebook so add me or Ari and you can follow it there. We feel so loved and extremely blessed to have Livi with us and both she and Ari are doing amazing.



Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hey-Jason here. I have been tasked with doing the family blog for May so bear with be as I fill you in on all things LeChem this past month.

We are still anxiously waiting for Olivia to join the crew and have been busy getting everything in her room ready to go, buying little girly clothes and trying as best we can to mentally prepare for another kid as well as physically prepare by enjoying our sleep while we can (like I'll have room to talk once she is here as Ari says). Speaking of Ari, she is feeling GREAT and has had a relatively easy pregnancy so far, I guess she is just hoping that continues on for the next month or so! Coming from a family of all boys it will for sure be a game changer for me to have a little girl in the mix! Wish me luck!

May started out with a Davis family trip to Coronado California. Ari's family has been going there since she was a little girl and so the tradition continues. We stayed at a great condo right on the beach and had fun doing tons and tons of different things.

The Beach...

A big bank of rocks just south of the Hotel Del Coronado provided a great place to explore and climb around on.

The Pool. From the pictures you can see they had a kids pool Mo loved and would cry whenever we had to get him out to leave. Living up to the nickname of "Toad" I guess.

Mo and Tucker-the dynamic duo! Feeding seagulls from the condo window, wrestling and pillow fighting, hangin' around or just looking like they were making trouble was all part of the fun for these two buds.

JC got me, Kent and Wyatt hooked on these cars called Mini-Z's. Just about every night the four of us would head to the tennis court and trade a little paint. I think "Z" stands for zippy because these things can go and brought out the kid in each of us! Too bad the lights would shut off before our batteries died out!

Among the other things was a ferry ride to a carousel where to Mo's delight he got to ride a "Sugar Horse" as he called it. Gimi and Pa took the kids on a bike ride along the shore so the moms and dads could have a date night. For the most part we just hung out as a family-nothing but good times the entire week!

We also made a trip up to Legoland and that was fun for Mo to hop on the little rides and see all the cool stuff there.

Just some random pictures of our Toad.

More fun Legoland rides with both Mom and Dad.

And what would a vacation be to me without a round or two of golf-a little somethin' ya know for the effort? Played one day at the Military course there on the island with JC and Wyatt. The next day I got on Coronado's city course just across the bay from the condo and it was an amazing layout and an amazing day.

A big chapter in Ari's life closed this month with the last class of pre-school kids. With baby #2 on the way we decided it was best to end it this year and go back to renting out the basement. I know I can speak for both "Teacher Ari" and "Teacher Cyd" that they had the extreme pleasure of working with some amazing kids and their parents for the past 3 years. Probably still hasnt hit Ari yet that The Kids Kompany is over with, but the memories and good times will last forever I'm sure.

The month closed out with a trip back to California with my family, but this time without Ari(traveling at 7 1/2 months pregnant isn't the best idea). My brother Jeff graduated from medical school specializing in podiatry. I'm sure proud of him and know he will be a great doctor. The ceremony took place at a cool old theater in downtown Oakland and we were glad to be there to show our support and love to Jeff and his little family.

After the graduation we made our way to San Francisco and had a great time at a few different places with great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city where Mo could run around with Uncle Diesel and his two cousins Trey and Kaden.

The other part of our trip was to celebrate Grandma Chem's 80th birthday. Almost the entire LeChem clan was there and it was great to see everybody and to honor an amazing lady that has shown all of us so much love over the years.

These are some cool pictures in my grandparents back yard were Mo, as always, has a great time discovering things and running around. If there was one thing I learned on this trip its that single parents have a tough job. Trying to handle Mo without Ari was a tiresome task some of the time-even though he is typically a really good kid. Thanks to my parents for the trip and helping me out with the Toad as well!