Monday, August 10, 2009

Coolest. Kid. Ever.

Monday, August 3, 2009


July was a fun month for our family. The biggest event was of course the 4th of July and Mo enjoyed all the fun stuff we did that day!

Waking up early to see the ballooons.

Two buds watchin' the balloons.

Here come the fire trucks!

Chillin' with Grammy.

Two buds eatin' some grub.

What a goof!

Getting ready for the show to start!

Our little patriotic family watching the fireworks.

After a long day cant say we blame him!

The other big thing in July was taking a trip over the 24th weekend to visit Jason's family in Salmon Idaho. It was nice to get away from things for a bit and Salmon is for sure the place to do it. No joke, only 2 stop lights in the whole town! Mo did have a great time up there and Jason loved getting back to his "roots". A big thanks to Jason's grandparents as well as his aunt and uncle for letting us stay with them and have such a great time!

Throwing rocks in the Salmon River.

Playing on the playground and trampoline at Aunt Sandra's house.

Mo's favorite part had to be riding on Grandpa's lawnmower. He and Jason must have done 10 laps around the yard on it. He didnt want to get off! Jason tried to convince me we needed a riding mower at our house, but we would for sure need a lot more grass to justify one, but seeing the look on Mo's face certainly made it tempting.

After mowing the grass it was only fitting Mo would test it out with his golf swing. He is always asking to "Dolf, Dolf!" (Hasnt quite got the "G" sound down)

In the back yard of Jason's grandparents they have an amazing pond and fountain with fish. We are just glad Mo didnt go for a swim with them. Many a grandkid has I was told! His favorite part was getting to throw them some food.

Beautiful flowers and lily pads on the pond.

This was the craziest thing we saw in Salmon! It is a guy named "Dugout Dick" and he built all these caves to live in. It was incredible to see how he used what we would consider junk to build all that. Check out this article for more about the guy. Pretty incredible!

Finally Jason's cousin just bought a house and is raising chickens. Mo and their little girl had fun wathcing them run around, but that is something I'd never consider having at our house no matter how cute Mo was with them!