Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WORLD"S CUTEST LITTLE MAN... and World's worst blogger :)

It's true, he really is adorable! Jason and I stayed up late the other night watching home videos since Mo has been born and I just found myself crying. He is getting so big, and his personality is showing so much. He is just the happiest little man ever. He is now 6 months (almost 7) old. My sister came over the other night and took these pictures... isn't she AMAZING??? Aren't I so lucky to have such a beautiful and talented sister? THANKS KENZ!!! Not only was it great to have Kenzie take the pics, but it was nice to hang out with her (and her husband was sweet enough to babysit her girls for us too). I couldn't just post the three so you will also find a few slideshows of my other favorites. We love our little man and are having so much fun! Also, about this blogging thing, no more promises I will get better because every time I promise I don't blog for months - maybe we'll get lucky one of these days and I will figure it out!