Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Another month has gone by and it seems like they just keep going faster and faster! Lets hope the next 5-6 go by just as fast! We had such a fun month in January with several things to do and celebrate. Here are the highlights!

Happy New Year!!

This year we went out to Kenzie and Alma's house for food and fun. To our surprise all the little kids fell asleep just fine so we adults could have a good time playing games. We got so caught up in everything we forgot about the "countdown" and turned the TV back on just in time to catch it. It was an enjoyable night and a great way to start off 2010. Thanks Kenz for being such a great hostess!

Family picture with Jason putting his own spin on the party beads!
This is Mo's "concentration face"

Forget pots and pans! The little kids got cool spinning light globes and loved them!

New Years Day we all went sledding at a park by JC and Beth's house. It was Mo's first experience and he actually really loved it as long as Jason went with him.

Ready to go!

Back up the hill...

And down again!

Do you think this kid loves his Dad?

Jason's 28th Birthday
What an old man! We celebrated with Root Beer Floats at the LeChem's and Mo did his part to assist Jason in blowing out the candles as well as open presents. We also went to a Jazz game but forgot to take any pictures...oops!

Welcome Home Wyatt!!!
On the 5th we welcomed Wyatt back from his mission in Honduras. He had such an amazing experience down there and we are grateful for his example and faithfulness. At the airport was the first time he ever met Mo so we are glad to have him home so these two red heads can become best buds.

The whole Davis clan back together again!

Happy Birthday Diesel!
Jason's little brother Derek celebrated his 13th birthday this month. At his party he got a surprise visit from BYU's Andrew George! All Diesel's buddies were thrilled to get some football knowledge and and autographed picture from him.

More Sledding...Homemade Edition
After that big snowstorm over the weekend, Jason decided to build Mo is very own sledding hill--well make that a sledding mound. He piled all the snow from our driveway up on the lawn and carved out a path to slide down. It looked more like a mini luge run! Either way Mo loved it and it was just his size.

"Hi Momma"

It was so much fun we had to invite Mo's neighborhood buddy Landon to come down and try it as well!

Well that about sums up our month. February should be another good one with Mo's birthday coming up as well as many other exciting things! We will keep you posted!!!