Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jason's Dream Come True

So, I promised that I would blog at the end of every month and for once I am actually going to follow through with this blogging game. Anyway, November was pretty low-key for our little family. Both of my parents celebrated b.days, Thanksgiving, and there was also the BYU/UTAH game, but I don't have pics from those days yet - I need to go and steal them from my mom and sister. Anyway, in attempts to hold true to my blogging promise I am going to go ahead and post some pics of the one November event I did take pictures at...

On November 1st, we took Mo golfing! I don't know who had more fun Jason or Mo. They were so cute together. Mo was an old-school golfer for Halloween (see previous post), and Jason made him his own little set of wooden golf clubs that we took along. He loved every second of it! Jason loved it too, I could just see the excitement on his face as they were golfing knowing that this was the first of many father-son golfing outings.