Tuesday, March 30, 2010


With March winding down here is a little update on a few fun things we did this month!

George Squared
The first part of the month we headed down to St. George with our friends the Georges. We stayed in a lovely home with amazing views of the red rock and Snow Canyon. While the guys played golf it was nice to escape, relax and soak up some sun by going on walks even if it was only for a day or two. It just gave us something to look forward to now that warmer weather is around the corner. Thanks Tawny, Andrew and baby Jack for such a fun time.

Andrew found a R/C boat in the closet and that paired up with a stream running behind the house was a recipe for fun. Pretty sure Jason enjoyed it more than Mo though!
The highlight for Mo was just being able to run around outside without his coat, gloves, a hat or even shoes on! This house really was amazing and a perfect place for Mo to goof around-and as you can see he's pretty good at it.

Go Jazz!
On St. Patrick's Day we were lucky and got tickets to the Jazz game that night. We took a gamble and brought Mo with us and he LOVED it-well everything except the Jazz Bear spraying silly string on our whole row! Our tickets were great and we were close enough Mo really got into it and was able to watch the players and follow the game. He would yell out "Go Jazz" and "Slam Dunk" and was just mesmerized at the whole site of the arena with all the lights and people. On the drive home he kept saying "Mo have fun at the Jazz game" so we are glad we brought him along.

More Golf
All three of us went golfing one Saturday afternoon and had a blast. Jason would hit his shot then drive up and throw a ball out for Mo to hack away at for a bit until it was time to go to the next hole. Probably heaven for both of them! We cracked up that he kept his 'golfing hat' on the entire time. For a 2 year old he's working on a pretty good swing. Between his dad, uncles and grandpas he's got plenty of good form to follow after.

So now March is in the books and we are still counting down the days until our little girl comes to play. We are making the final preparations on her room and all the other little things that come along with a new baby. Lucky for us this pregnancy has been pretty smooth and we can only hope that continues for the remaining months. No doubt we will continue to keep you posted with what we do to occupy our time until then!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Think Pink!
So as previously noted the big news for us this month was to find out we are having a baby girl. It still hasn't quite sunk in for either of us that come July it's going to be all about PINK! Jason, having grown up in a house with all boys is especially thinking about what the change will be like! He will gladly welcome any tips!

We thought really hard about a few names and came to a decision with Olivia Jane LeCheminant. With a last name like ours a few we liked just didn't "roll off the tongue" but we really love Olivia. Jane is a shout out to Jason's mom, Jan, who will now be the proud Gram of two LeChem girls within the next few months!
Mo has really started to get on board with the idea of having a baby sister. He will gladly belt out her name for you and we know he is going to be a great brother. He will go to her room and point out everything as "Livi's bed" and "Livi's light" and "Livi's chair".

(Hopefully this one actually works. Sorry to anybody who couldn't see the last video.)

Happy To You Mo!
On the 4th we celebrated Mo's 2nd birthday. Leading up to that day he would walk around the house and sing "Happy to you, Happy to you" and it was a lot of fun to have all the families over for the occasion.

He currently has an obsession (that's an understatement) with horses so it was no surprise most his presents were related to that. The hit of the party was an old spring mounted horse that Mo's uncle Nic found for him. He wasn't sure of it at first but by then end of the night he was riding it like a pro.

The last Saturday of the month was just warm enough for the boys to hit the range after a long winter. Check out this guy's form! Probably not the last hours these two will spend with each other on the range.

P.S. Jason is beyond proud of these pictures!!!

Look Alike
Going through the pictures this month Jason saw a few funny resemblances that made us laugh. See what you think!
Can you say Marty McFly?

The Golden Toad or The Golden Bear?

Book Worm
These three pictures are ones we took this month but we have about a dozen just like them. With kids this age when there is an extended period of silence at home any parent's mind goes to the thought that their little one is up to no good, but all the time we will go back in his room and find him there reading so we quickly grab the camera to snap some candid shots.

His favorites right now are The Story of Ferdinand, Caps for Sale, Little Black Sambo, Harry the Dirty Dog, Big Red Barn, The Big Hungry Bear, the illustrated Book of Mormon (he loves "Ne-five") and any book about dinosaurs.