Monday, January 21, 2008

Like Father Like Son!

What's up everybody? It's Jason here, and I decided to throw up a post of my own in this tangled blogging web we weave. For most of you who know me, one of the things I love most in life (next to Ari and golf) is having sweet clothes, shoes and hats. So in anticipation of the arrival of our little Mo, I decided to get him started on the right track. While from the start he will already have a love for Ari like me and a love of golf will come eventually, from the pictures you will see he is hooked up to be just like his old man! It has been a lot of fun to find little miniature versions of things I have. First off is a pair of killer velcro Vans, followed by some kickin' Frye boots. Next is a classic Yankees hat, followed by my favorite True Religion jeans (you can spoil your kids a little can't you?). We just barely got him this sweet pair of Keen sandals and finished up with a fresh pair Adidas shell toes. In addition to this stuff, we also have a ton of Nike/Jordan hats and shoes as well as Ari having him hooked up from Gap for life! He will for sure be a stylin' dude. I am super stoked to be a dad and can't wait for Mo to come so we can roll in our gear together.

Monday, January 14, 2008

All we need is Baby Mo!!!

The nursery is finally complete... that's right, my handsome and handy husband finished! After one last babies r us run the other day... all the checklists are complete too. ALL WE NEED IS BABY MO! We are getting so excited and we can't believe how fast it has gone, hopefully these last few weeks continue to fly by too. We are so ready to meet our little man, and we can't wait to see what (who) he looks like! Anyway, I am really trying to get better at this blogging thing, and hopefully soon I will be able to fill it with pictures of Mo. We will keep you all posted over the next couple weeks with news of the big day!