Thursday, December 22, 2011

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico-Thanksgiving 2011

Before we get to Christmas I wanted to post about our amazing trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Thanksgiving. Thanks to the amazing people Ari works with at Precision Concrete Cutting the whole crew spent an entire week in paradise. We stayed at an incredible resort and had a great time playing in the sand and surf, hanging out in cabanas at the beach, lounging by the pool, deep sea fishing, crab hunting and so much more.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Up 'Til Now...

I'll spare the lame excuses about not updating our blog for several months and go right to the pictures.

Mo is still in love with being a cowboy and was in heaven in our back yard all summer long where he could ride his horse and play on his parkslide.

Probably the highlight for us as parents was all the fun moments Mo and Livi shared together. The dynamic between these two is hilarious.

Weddings are of course a part of summer and we had a great time up at the Salt Lake Temple for a cousin's sealing where we even ran into Jimmer Fredette! Needless to say it may have been the greatest thing that has happened to Mo. All day long he kept talking about getting his picture taken with "the real Jimmer".

Livi's favorite spot this summer was her swing. She could have spent hour after hour there yelling out "Weeeeee" in her dainty little voice-all she needed was a push.

No summer would be complete without plenty of golf. This kid is getting good! Not sure who enjoys it more, me or Mo. Either way we have a great time when we go and Mo for sure keeps it interesting. He loves voluntarily hitting out of the bunkers so he can watch the big splash of sand come up off his club.

The 4th of July is a great time of year to keep family traditions alive and enjoy all the cool things to do in the valley. Hot air balloons, the Grand Parade, Gimi's outfits, a family picnic and fireworks rounded out this year's festivities.

To further perpetuate Mo's love for any and all things "Western" we got hooked up with tickets to the Sheepdog Trials up at Soldier Hollow. Wyatt's father-in-law helps organize it and actually provides the sheep. We found an awesome hat for Mo at one of the vendor booths and from there on he was in full cowboy mode. Livi got in on the action with Aly putting a cute feather in her hair. It was beyond amazing to watch these dogs and their handlers work the sheep. Almost made us want to get a dog ourselves.

Mo started up another year of "Gimi-school" with two of his cousins. Not very many kids have a grandma with 30+ years in education to hold a special little pre-school for them. Lucky for him it's just a scooter ride away.

Love the faces this little girl comes up with!

With summer winding down we took a little camping trip up Provo Canyon. I was worried we might be taking a mid-night trip back home if Mo wasn't quite down with sleeping in the tent but he was a champ and lasted the whole time-with a little help from movies on the iPad!

JC and Beth had their little girl Maggie during the summer so in October the whole Davis clan hopped in a rented out 14 passenger van and made the long trek to California for her blessing. Thankfully Mo and Livi slept plenty on the ride there and back or else I don't know if we would have survived! Mo loved getting to see and play with Tucker for the couple of days we were there and it is always great to get the family together for things like that.

Halloween was another opportunity for Mo to show how funny and unique he can be. This year he wanted to be Ammon from the Book of Mormon, complete with a bag of severed Lamanite arms. We had to get Livi in the mix so she was one of the King's sheep he was protecting. If there is one thing to be said about Mo and all the characters he pretends to be, it's that he insists on things being as 'true to life' as possible so this costume was no exception.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Because we've slacked off a bit with the blogging I'll just let the pictures do most the talking!

Livi's 1st Birthday!!

LeCheminant Family Reunion in Park City