Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cowboy Mo-A Little Boy's Dream Come True!

For anybody who knows Mo it's no secret to you that he LOVES horses and would want nothing more in this world than to just be a cowboy. Some parents try to bribe or reward their kids with candy and toys. On Mo we use trips to see horses at any of the several pastures by our house...and it works!

Everyday he walks around with a cowboy hat and boots on, saying he's "Cowboy Mo" swinging a little piece of rope he calls his lasso. He'll run and jump over just about anything and say he's a horse in a Steeplechase race. We find him playing in the back yard with the dozens of small horse figures he has, putting them is different spots in our garden, lawn or sandbox. He loves to jump on his spring mounted horse and pretend to be Woody from Toy Story and yell out "Ride like the wind Bullseye!" or use his rocking horse to act out various scenes from his favorite movies, Hidalgo and Spirit. He cries when we eventually make him take off his boots for bed, begging us to let him sleep with them on. And he usually can't fall asleep without the horse pattern blanket his Gram gave him. Are you seeing a trend here?

So when our sweet neighbors, the Seale's, offered to take Mo to visit their pasture, we knew he would love it. Love was an understatement. It was honestly his dream come true!!

He learned there are several chores you have to do to take care of a horse and helped out with them, but the payoff was well worth the work. He was in a real pasture-riding a real horse-with a real saddle-using a real rope-feeding it real hay. In his mind he was nothing short of a real Cowboy! Heaven on earth for this kid.

All we have heard about since was all the fun he had with "Bruder and Sisder Seale" and his experience riding their horse, Banner. These pictures are proof positive he's a genuine cowboy at heart-although we have no idea where he gets it from.