Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Pictures

Over the past few months we've taken a bunch of family pictures- both sides of the family and our own. Thought we'd share them with you.

Davis Family.

Taken by Elisabeth Kate

LeCheminant Family.

This one is special because due to both Nic and Peter being on missions we haven't had an entire LeChem family picture for almost 4 years!

Here are a few other shots we got with our own camera.


There is no way we would consider anybody other than Hillary Horman for our own family pictures. She picked a great spot for us in downtown Provo did an incredible job. Thanks a million Hillary-we love every single shot!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catch Up Post #2

Livi's Blessing

Olivia Jane LeCheminant was named and blessed by her Dad on October 31st. What an amazing event for the whole family. It worked out great that Peter's mission welcome home was the same day so it was a double whammy!

Here is Livi with her dress-the same one her Gimi made and Momma wore when she was blessed. Vintage is totally in now right?

The whole gang together after the service. Included in the circle were: Grandpa Chem, Papa Chem, Uncle Nic, Uncle Peter, Uncle Jeff, Jason, Grandpa Bill, Grampy Mo, Uncle Alma, Uncle Wyatt, Pa and Uncle JC-not to forget Uncle Derek holding the microphone as well!

We are so blessed to have amazing family who travelled near and far to support Livi on her special day.

Livi and her Daddy.

Some Pictures of the Kiddos
Where does the time go? Seriously Livi is 5 months old now and it has been nothing short of incredible the growth and development we have seen in our little girl. We can barely remember those long days in the NICU or when we finally brought her home and she still had to stay hooked to an oxygen tank and the heart/lung monitors.
Now she is happy, healthy and even a bit chubby!
The picture below is proof she has come a long way. The before ones were both within the first few days she was born. The first compared to a cell phone and the second a little "Olivia the Pig" doll. Hard to believe she was that tiny!
She is seriously such a good baby and her smile, blue eyes and spirit brighten our home more than we could have ever known!

Oh our little Mo Toad! This kid has us laughing constantly while also keeping us on our toes. He still maintains his obsession with horses and was thrilled to go see the movie Secretariat a few months back. He loves Gimi school with is cousins, reading books(he can pretty much quote word for word Ferdinand the Fierce and Very Hungry Caterpillar) and has developed a pretty wild imagination of his own.
Each week when Sacrament Meeting is over he goes crazy with excitement to go to nursery and has a whole volume of Primary songs he loves to sing. He is a great big brother and helper with Livi-always greeting her with "Hey there pretty girl" and looking for just about any reason to give her hugs and kisses.

Turkey Triathlon
On November 6th Jason competed in his very first triathlon at the Rec Center in Orem. Over the past few months the both of us have done lot and worked hard to get back in better shape and this was a perfect excuse for him to put that all to good use.
The race consisted of a 5K run followed by a 10 mile bike ride then finished off with a 350M swim. He did a great job and finished in 1 hr 8 min-good enough for 15th in his age division and 88th overall. Not bad for a rookie! Alongside his parents we were there to cheer him on in each stage.
He says it was a lot of fun and plans on training and doing many more in the future!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catch Up Post...August to October #1

So, no secret our blog is way over due for a post or two-or ten! Anyway rest assured we have kept busy these past few months and now have the pictures to show for it all. Buckle up.

*Sorry for the collage overload, but click on each picture for a bigger view


Jason took Mo fishing to a little pond behind Lone Peak High School. Mo got his very own fishing pole and this is a picture of the monster he actually caught with it. Sadly that was about the extent of their haul and there were no tall fish stories to tell with these two. After a while Mo was more interested in messing with the can of worms they bought for bait. Oh well, Jason said he loved it and that they will totally go again!


Surprise, surprise that once again we have some pictures of Mo golfing. What can we say- it's in his name and in his blood. We took him over to Cascade for a round of mini-golf then a bucket at the range. The kid seriously loves to play! Whether he hits one long and straight or duffs a shot two feet forward he gets a kick out it. We (mostly Jason) get just as much of a thrill watching him have so much fun. Who knows where this love affair will lead him? His form is so good now Jason is dreading the day Mo beats him-it will probably happen sooner than later!

Gimi School
What does a retired teacher with over 30 years experience do in her spare time-well besides being an active cyclist, having her own blanket sewing business (Skins by Gimi), tend an immaculate garden and complete several home improvement projects? Start a pre-school for her grandkids!

Mo and his two cousins, Tucker and Loren, are part of their own little class called 'Gimi School' and they LOVE IT! Each week the excitement builds when we tell Mo the books they will read, activities they will do and treats they will make and eat. Every Friday morning he wakes up and yells "It's Gimi School today!" We are so blessed to have such an amazing Mom and Gimi who loves these kids more than they will ever know. Mo has already learned so much and is always either singing songs or telling us about the things they talked about that week.

These are all pictures on their first day.


For the past several months our garage has slowly built up a pile of what I considered junk but that Jason determined was worth while to keep so we could shoot at our next outing. Finally the day came where I could become rid of the mess and we headed to the west side of Utah Lake. It's always a good time where both the boys and girls of the family can share in the fun...and destruction.


The whole Davis clan headed down to Southern Utah the middle of October for a weekend trip to Escalante. Friday we hiked to Upper Calf Creek Falls and Saturday played around a little spot called Devil's Garden. It was amazing weather and a fun time for all. For sure a tradition we want to keep year after year now.

The place we stayed Friday night, Slot Canyon Inn (highly recommend to anybody), had some cattle grazing on the property and Mo loved how close he could get to them-but not too close! We heard about a dozen recitations of 'Ferdinand the Bull' from him as well.

Happy Birthday Tucker

The first in the triple threat of grandkids to hit 3! Auntie Beth put together an incredible Halloween/Pumpkin themed party for Tucker's birthday. Complete with ghost sucker making, goblin dancing and silly pumpkin decorating. Nice work Beth-from the faces on these kids you can tell they all had a blast!

And no trip to JC and Beth's would be complete without Mo hurling himself from their staircase. But we managed to get a picture of all the Davis grandkids without Mo having a total meltdown so that was a bonus as well.


There was no doubt what Mo was going to be this year for Halloween. A real, genuine, head to toe cowboy-complete with hat, vest, bandanna, six-shooters, belt buckle, chaps, lasso and boots.

And he wouldn't be without his trusty steed, Hidalgo! The poor thing as been through it all, but there isn't a toy in the house Mo loves more than that little horse.

To keep the the theme going we dressed Livi up as our little cow. So cute!!!

Mo took things a little bit too literally thinking he was in a rodeo and tried to calf rope Livi. Fortunately for us he doesn't quite have that skill down!

(Note the Toad and Horse carved pumpkins)

We took the kids over to Jason's parent's house that night so Mo could go trick or treating with his LeChem cousins. Mo was a Cowboy, Kaden went as Buzz Lightyear and Trey rocked the Michael Jackson costume-no joke-white sparkle glove and all! He even busted out the moonwalk for a few people. Hilarious!! It was lots fun to watch those three run from house to house and pick up all the goodies.

Welcome Home Elder LeCheminant

Jason's little brother Peter got home from the Phillippines Bacolod Mission the end of October. He had an amazing experience with lots of baptism and leadership success. He would always brag in his emails and pictures about all these exotic locations and things that 'his brothers never did' because they all served missions in the States. And what he lost in body weight while out there he gained in spiritual strength! Way to go Peter! Thanks for carrying on the LeChem missionary tradition and setting another great example for Mo.

So there you have it, our Catch Up Post #1. Soon to follow is Catch Up Post #2 with Livi's blessing day and a few other fun things.