Wednesday, May 11, 2011



One of the more exciting things in April was when Jason competed in his first triathlon of the season, the "Telos Timp Triathlon" - a 5K run, 10 mile bike and 350 meter swim. It was so much fun to watch him compete and cheer him on.





It was the same race as back in November and he was thrilled to knock 5 minutes off that first time and was even fast enough to take 3rd in his age division and 23rd overall!


Baskets from the Easter Bunny, family picture, cute Livi in her Easter dress and an Easter egg hunt with the cousins-you know, the usuall.


Scroll through the the entire history of our blog and a couple of main themes may stick out, one of them being Mo and golf. Seriously the kid loves it! He will go in our back yard and for an hour or more just hit plastic balls back and forth to his hearts content.

These are from Jason and Mo's first trip of the year to Cascade. He got his very own set of clubs and played the entire 9 holes!

Getting Bigger

Hard to think our Miss Livi is almost 1! She is such a character and brings so much joy to our little home. As of now she's has her two bottom teeth in, has got crawling down pat and is working on pulling herself up on things and if she's brave enough lettig go to see uf she can stand-not bad for 6 weeks premature. She loves music and will start dancing and jumping anytime she hears it.

She and Mo have the cutest little dynamic. He can always make her laugh and loves to read her books. The funniest part is how she treats him. Whether it's smacking his face, pulling his ears or grabbing a hand full of cheek (as you can see) he just laughs and plays along.