Monday, June 14, 2010


This is certainly not the June post we expected to put up, but we are thrilled to introduce you to the newest addition in the LeChem family-Olivia Jane LeCheminant. We decided that for now we want to keep all the details and pictures and stuff a bit under wraps-you can never be too careful these days. So if you want the full scoop on how it all went down send us your email address and we will hook you up with all the details. Or we have a ton of pictures on Facebook so add me or Ari and you can follow it there. We feel so loved and extremely blessed to have Livi with us and both she and Ari are doing amazing.




LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

She's beautiful!!
Love you, Ari!!

Laura said...

Aw, she's so cute! Congratulations, LeChem fam!

Alissa said...

What a doll! Is that blonde hair? So cute!
P.S. Once you're feeling better Ari call me, we have lots to talk about! :)