Sunday, November 1, 2009


October was a busy month for the LeChem's but we had a lot of fun! Here is what we were up to.

BYU Football Games

We started with a trip down to Las Vegas for the UNLV game. It was a lot of fun with the entire Davis family coming down as well. Mo loved to cheer the Cougars on.

Our friend Andrew George in action. If you ask Mo what Andrew's number is he will happily reply "Eight-Eight"

Tolerating some obnoxious (and drunk) UNLV fans sitting right behind us. This was Mo's reaction.

But he was still cool enough to give them a high-five! Such good sportsmanship.

We also got tickets to the TCU game, but as you can tell by Mo's face it was tough to find anything to cheer about in this game.

Hogle Zoo

Mo's cousin Tucker turned 2 this month and celebrated by taking a trip to the zoo. Mo loves animals and really loved seeing them in person and making all the sounds he practices every single day.

Uncle Derek's Football Games

Jason's little brother Derek had another great year of football and Mo loves being right up close to the action during his games.

All the LeChem cousins with Diesel after his "Super Bowl"


Mo went as a Missionary this year! After about 15 minutes this is the only picture we could get of Mo in front of our house. What a goof!

At Gram's house with the LeChem cousins and their costumes.

Mo and his "companion" Tucker ready to go do some good.

Gettin' the goods!


Halloween jammies at Gimi's house


Jc and Alissa said...

How fun! Mo is the cutest kid ever. You have such an adorable little family Ari.

Julie Baldwin said...

The two little missionaries are the cutest thing ever! What a fun idea.

LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

The Edlers are SO cute! That's funny!

Leslie said...

He is getting so big! What cute little missionaries!