Friday, April 8, 2011

The Rest of February and March

First off, I mean c'mon-how cute is this little girl? Mo took advantage of Mother Nature's indecision on what season it should be to make one last snowman. Jason's little brother Derek finished off his season playing on the 8th grade basketball team. He said it was nice to see a LeChem suit up in a Bruin uniform again. Mo loved going to the games and hopefully it won't be the last time we cheer for Derek out on the court.

Livi is getting bigger by the day. Looking at her you would never think she was a 5 week premature baby. Happy and healthy as can be. She hit 9 months old in March! Crazy to think how much she has grown since that days of the NICU.

Finally got enough hair to pull together her first pony tail-if you can call it that!

Gotta read up on her namesake and how manipulate her parents for a later bed time or tease her brother.

We are really anxious to get Mo involved in sports because he loves all of them so much. Karate is about the only one a 3 year old can do this time of year so we signed him up for a couple classes. It was pretty funny to watch him go through some of the exercises.

The highlight of it all was when Mo had to break a board in order to earn his white belt. The excitement on his face when he did it was priceless. It's all he could talk about the next couple of days.

"It didn't even hurt my hand!" -Mo LeCheminant

With these two kiddos it's never a dull moment around here but we are loving life and all it has to offer us!